Each item is unique and in an ecological and eco-sustainable limited edition made entirely by hand in an artisanal way and ethically treated.The re-cycle A, recycle B lines are created to give life to unused fabrics, to avoid waste and are decorated and dyed with materials. ecological and sterilized.
The necklaces have natural characteristics such as pearls and colors, and strengths and weaknesses make the product unique and handcrafted.
The necklaces have natural characteristics such as pearls and colors, and strengths and weaknesses make the product unique and handcrafted, see advice on use and maintenance.

Sustainability is the principle that guides the eco-friendly work of Lablorita, which is a value that reconciles growth objectives with the needs of environmental protection.

Safeguarding the environment is the priority of our company policy.

Many of our bags are made from fabrics from the upholstery of outdoor sofas, brocade cushions, Jute coffee bags, or / and with scraps of noble fabrics never used. Hand decorated and embroidered with natural water colors. The internal fabric comes from vintage textile materials (washed and sterilized).
Product Warranty:
All created manually using natural stones and materials in compliance with the hygienic-sanitary rules on the protection of the person (legislative decree 206 of 6 September 2005).
Some materials present have a nickel content, compliant with the EN 1811/20011 standard.

Advice on use and maintenance.

Each Lablorita article is made to last over time, if the indications based on use and its maintenance are respected. The materials used are mainly of natural origin so the behavior and its duration can be variable according to the use that follows.

The duration can be variable and unpredictable, just as chemicals can change its appearance and color. Some stones are born opaque and others are polished later, these may return to their original appearance over time.

It is advisable to avoid contact with make-up, creams, perfumes and lotions with chemical agents, do not expose to chlorine, soaps, salt water, if you want to keep the item over time.

Do not wear while showering and in the pool if you want to keep the item over time.

As described above, this applies to Mala bracelets, jute bags and other accessories such as beach towels, scarves. For clothes and other textiles follow the washing and care description on the label.


The Mala is said so correctly, it was born as a Tibetan rosary for meditation and religious practice and as a talisman in various oriental cultures.

In Japan, India, Nepal, the Tibet region, Thailand .. Etc ..

The mala (feminine) are made up of 108 pearls, grains and knots.

The wearer pursues an ideal of peace and love for himself and for the world. Help protect your soul and help it grow spiritually by letting it find a role in life.

Here was born the idea of ​​creating unisex accessories that inspire the same message, revisiting them in a new way and using mainly natural materials.

Lablorita reviews and uses the same bases to recreate unique and original objects, such as the malabeads line, the skull line, the Hippie line for necklaces and bracelets.

Each line uses gurus, or amulets like skulls inspired by Mexican culture, or other fetishes, which symbolize different spiritualities from all over the world.

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