Lablorita, born from a twenty-year project closed in a drawer, and from a creative process that gives free rein to shelved passions.

The brand was born in pre-pandemic (2019) and develops in a sad moment not only historically, where moments of empty and unspoken dreams. So in the moments of lockdown, I took back the tools of the useful and the delightful, so I started making necklaces and bags, bracelets and hats.

The objects were born spontaneously and without thinking too much, i realized that in 5 months I had made 80 necklaces, 70 bracelets, 10 bags …

After about a year, the small handicraft workshop of accessories in Lablorita is born, an innovative and sustainable “shop” idea.
Born in the heart of the beautiful village of Gavi, land of wine and more , which has been welcoming me for 20 years now. A country surrounded by woods, rivers and where nature still reigns supreme, dominated by the walls of the fort, historic millenary beauty of Gaviese.
The mood of the workshop is spirituality, a bit nomadic in the name of the new generations and a bit of my being.
This nomadic allure is like a red thread that links the hippie period of the 70s to the new urban renaissance of 2021, as defined by a famous Italian philosopher / essayist.
The hippie period is a symbol of freedom, of spiritual belonging, where people fought to stop wars, for their rights, they praised peace.
After all there is an emotional connotation in what we buy, which goes beyond its usefulness or necessity.
Each item is unique, each personalized hat is unique, just like each of us, unique and unrepeatable, similar but never the same.

 “Inclusiveness“, puts a vitamin effect to face winter, like summer, believes in the power of the individual, we are advocates of diversity as an essential value, for this reason in our. page does not say men’s or women’s fashion, men’s or women’s bags, because everyone chooses what to wear.

In the products created there is the artisan tradition but also cultural innovation, there is the sustainability of natural or renewed materials, recycled, reused.

The use of real leather in collaboration with the best Italian artisans are often excesses of warehouse concepts, to avoid waste and also be ethically respectful of the world we live in.

Small upcycle projects are born for these reasons, with the use of materials that are as natural as possible, such as organic cotton, jute, straw or viscose paper, sometimes recovered and adapted to give it new life, without affecting the ecological aspect, in short, eco friendly.

R3 was born from recovery, and re-edit was born with the aim of transforming vintage and more through up-cycling, to give new life to a hat, bag, foulards or other clothing item.
LabLorita has a taste suspended between present and past, with a look to the 70s, and one to the East. Simple embroidery is enough 
and manual decorations to make the objects produced original and unique.
A constant mix of recycling and contemporary innovation, always respecting the planet and the people who live there. The heart of the brand is sustainability and spirituality, it boasts small collaborations with Italian and oriental artisans, a look between past and future, agender, without borders, free to be as you feel. 
Accessories are a contemporary cross-over, with an inspirational flashback.
Hoping that our message will reach all of you also through the purchase of an object made with love.

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