Bags, in leather, in jute, and natural materials, handmade bags of different sizes and models: Tote, Lunette, Shopper, Hobo, Bauletto, Baguette, Clutch, Briefcase, Saddle, Minauderie, Frame, Bucket, Quilted, Weekend.

Lab Upcycles/Recycle Line :

Bags created with upcycle and recycled materials, revisited vintage bags, classic or trendy.

Shopper BAG:

Jute bags, with rope handles, decorated entirely by hand with various materials, hot patch applications, drawings with acrylic water paints, applied fabrics and stones and hand embroidery.


Bucket-shaped bags of generous size, in jute/straw, and/or raffia and leather. 100% certified leathers and handcrafted by Tuscan artisan workshops.

Exclusively, made in Italy




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