The fedora hat: Its name comes from the homonymous drama written in the late nineteenth century by the playwright French Victorien Sardou, which later became an opera. His invention, however, is to be attributed to an Italian hatter: the legendary Giuseppe Borsalino, who in 1857 founded the homonymous hat factory in Alessandria.


Fedora straw hats.
Our hats are unique pieces, 100% handmade with the use of semi-precious materials, and completely eco-sustainable materials.
Each piece expresses the personalities of the wearer, without any difference in gender and color.
Suitable for the beach, the city but also for fun evenings in the company of friends.

Ideal to be lived as every moment of your life.

FEDORA wool, is a winter hat of soft felt that is hollowed in its length under the crown. It has a dome is truncated cone, pinched in the front on both sides, the brim is of medium width. The term Fedora came into use beginning in 1891.



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